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For A Noticeable Difference, Guaranteed



Cover the floor, countertops, and all other spaces around our designated work area. If built in boxes are to be sprayed we will create a plastic wall to protect the rest of the house from overspray. (This can be modified for kitchens that need to be used during the project)

Remove, number, and label all doors, drawers and hardware to ensure that everything goes back to its original place. They will be taken either to our shop, or a mobile spray van to be painted.

Mask off inside of cabinet boxes to protect inside and contents.

Clean all surfaces to be painted with heavy duty degreaser. This is critical to ensure proper adhesion of primer and paint, and we all know how greasy kitchen surfaces can be!

Patch any visible scratches or blemishes on all surfaces with a hard drying bondo. *If you desire to change the hardware we can fill old holes, and drill new holes to accommodate new handles or pulls. We advocate for considering new hardware, as this can make a whole new feel in the kitchen!

Hand sand all surfaces with our Surfprep dustless sander to create what is called a mechanical bond for the primer to stick to.



All surfaces will get one coat of block out primer. This is to make sure any tannings in the wood don't bleed through and gives the paint the best surface to bond to.

Another round of patching as necessary, and hand sanding to knock off any dust particles and make sure we have a smooth surface.

We apply the first top coat of paint, and do another round of light hand sanding

Finally the finish coat is applied- and WOW! Do they look beautiful!



Everything will be installed with new bumpers

Old or newly chosen hardware will be reinstalled

All doors and drawers will return to their original place (thank goodness we marked them!)

All paper, plastic, and work related items will be cleared up and removed.

The cabinets are ready for years of enjoyment!

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